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What weapons are prohibited in the state of Texas?

What weapons are prohibited in the state of Texas?

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It is important to remember that not only the possession of some weapons, but also being involved in the manufacture, transport, repair or sale of certain weapons is a criminal offense in the state of Texas.

Section 46.05 of the Texas Penal Code Prohibited Weapons spells it out in plain English.

§ 46.05. PROHIBITED WEAPONS.  (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly possesses, manufactures, transports, repairs, or sells:

                        (1)  an explosive weapon;

                        (2)  a machine gun;

                        (3)  a short-barrel firearm;

                        (4)  a firearm silencer;

                        (5)  a switchblade knife;

                        (6)  knuckles;

                        (7)  armor-piercing ammunition;

                        (8)  a chemical dispensing device;  or

                        (9)  a zip gun.

However, there are also a few defenses to prosecution under this section of the Law:

1. According to Subsection (b) If it can be proved that your conduct was incidental to the performance of official duty as a member of the armed forces, National Guard, a governmental law enforcement agency, or a correctional facility.

2. According to Subsection (c) If it can be proved that your possession was pursuant to registration pursuant to the National Firearms Act as amended.

3.According to Subsection (d) If it can be proved that your conduct was incidental to dealing with a switchblade knife, spring blade knife, or short-barrel firearm solely as an antique or curio, or was incidental to dealing with armor-piercing ammunition solely for the purpose of making the ammunition available to an organization, agency or institution listed in Subsection (b).

4. According to Subsection (e) Possession of these prohibited weapons is a felony of the third degree unless possession is a switchblade or knuckles.  These two possessions are classified as Class A misdemeanors.

5. According to Subsection (f) If the person in possession of a chemical dispensing device is a security officer and has received training on the use of the chemical dispensing device by a training program that is provided by the Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education or approved for the purposes described by this subsection by the Texas Private Security Board of the Department of Public Safety.

If you have been charged with the possession of an illegal weapon in the state of Texas, it would be wise to engage the services of an experienced criminal lawyer such as Brian Corrigan.  He has tried over 150 jury trials and handled over 2,000 felony and misdemeanor cases in crimes ranging from driving while intoxicated and family violence to drug trafficking, white collar crime, child abuse, and murder.

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I am 30 years old and I have a gap between my two upper front teeth.  What can be done about it? 

Midline Diastema is the medical term for a space or gap between two upper front teeth.  Diastemas are extremely common, especially among children. It may correct on its own. In fact, up to 97 percent of children have diastemas, and that number significantly decreases as children grow and these spaces close up naturally. It is good to keep in mind that diastema is a cosmetic issue—not a dental health issue. In other words, your dental health is not compromised due to the space between your two upper front teeth.

Diastema is often the result of a discrepancy between the size of the jaw and the size of the teeth. Crooked teeth usually come from overcrowding, when the teeth are too big for the jaw. The opposite is true for a diastema — teeth that are too small for the jaw may have gaps between them.

A midline diastema such as the one you describe can also be caused by a large labial frenum. Frenum is the tissue that connects your lips and gum. Place your tongue between your front teeth and lip, reaching the uppermost part of your mouth. The tissue you feel protruding in the center is your upper labial frenum. When that tissue is too large, too wide or too tight, it can cause a diastema between your two front teeth.

Corrective Treatments


 If a midline diastema is the only dental problem, veneers (Lumineers) or dental bonding may be used to cover the space.  In many situations, Lumineers present a convenient solution for cosmetic enhancement. In addition to creating a painless option, this patented technology can last up to 20 years with the proper care.  Your initial consultation will provide us with the information necessary to craft a plan that matches your goals, dental needs, and budget.

Lumineers were created to eliminate the need for shaving the surface of teeth. Unless otherwise indicated, the impressions can be created in the first visit. These are then sent to highly experienced laboratory technicians, who custom craft the Lumineers according to specifications and impressions that match your unique dental needs.  Lumineers can be applied in about 2 visits.

Dental Surgery (frenectomy)

If a large labial frenum is the cause of your diastema, dental surgery may be needed (rarely). This type of dental surgery is referred to as a frenectomy. The oral surgeon removes or loosens the tissue and prepares the space for diastema closure. It is possible to close this gap without surgery but the chance of it opening back up is great without removing this excess tissue.  (Note:  frenectomy alone will not correct the problem. The patient must also undergo additional corrective procedures such as the installation of Lumineers, dental bonding or braces.)

Call  Lakewood Emergency Dentist today. We provide patients with complete mouth care for whatever the issue may be. Dr. Timmons Farah and her staff take every precaution necessary to ensure comfort during a patient’s procedure.  281-320-0400.

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Melodyshare blog info is in effect a way to get your music published without involving a publisher (who on average takes 50% of all income). Me and my buddy are both singer/song writers so we decided to give it a try. Each of us with a seperate account. An account when we signed up 8 months back or so was $50 but according to the site has now been upped to $75. Note when we started working with them they were just working as an editing company, they hadn’t seperated into “melodyshare" but it’s the same service. The site sais they accept 5 songs per submission but I submitted over 20 songs or so and they never made a hassle about it which was cool.

The first few months after the fee was paid not much happened besides me sending a ton of tracks (far more then 5). After about 3 months I was contacted by them that one of my songs was the background music to a Black Angus ad. They said it was being broadcasted but I hadn’t seen it on t.v. Although I don’t watch much t.v. and they didn’t specify which region it was being played in. The following quarter I did get a check from bmi for $391.42, the only thing on there was the black angus ad as I haven’t got any other music in circulation. This latest quarter I got another check for $432.84, also completely from the ad. So far i’ve made $824.26 and I am pretty sure next quarter I will be getting another chunk of change in the $300-$400 range. It’s definitely a nice feeling to get random checks like that and I am not sure how long they will keep coming. That being said the song that got used was like the 15th. song I sent. It’s also not the dream ad I was hoping for, an apple ad or something like that i’ve heard can generate many, many thousands. My buddy on the other hand hasn’t got a single placement and that was like 8 months ago. My buddy doesn’t have as many songs as I do, he has only submitted a handful of songs which I am sure impacts his chances but still sucks.

One thing that is cool about though is that they will give you a copy of the ad if you ask them for it. This can be used for your resume and approaching additional publishers, labels and other people you hope to work with. Depending on where you are at in your music career that alone could be worth it though the royalties sure are the icing on the cake. All in all it’s a gamble like everything else in the ever changing music business.

Whether it is the best service of these types I don’t know, each one tends to have their pros and cons. To compare, I have also used service’s like this in the past that don’t require an upfront fee but take 50% of the income and demand that the songs you send are exclusive to them. On the one hand this is cool because we both make money together and I don’t have to spend anything, on the other hand I have to give up my songs exclusively for a period of time (involving a contract that I have to sign prior to any songs being placed) which kind of feels like the sort of thing that they should be paying me for. They also don’t send you a copy of the ad for your catalog/resume. Melodyshare on the other hand comes with an upfront fee but less baggage in terms of back end percentages and rules as far as exclusivivity. This makes it easier to dump songs on them without feeling like I am signing off some of my favorite tunes for good. The tunecore publishing service I think is useless. I don’t even know what they do, I think they just sign you under their publishing entity with ascap and you just sit in their system gathering dust. As far as distribution to itunes, amazon etc., Tunecore is top tier but I wouldn’t go the route of tunecore for publishing-like services.

Whether it’s for you or not depends on where you are at in your career. If the fee doesn’t hurt your pockets much i’d give it a go as the more outlets you have opened to you the more likely something good will happen. For example, my ad placement could be maximized more if I followed it up with a video of the song on youtube or something a long those lines. Unfortunately I don’t quite have that sort of situation going for me at the moment. For those serious about music i’d say open every possible door you can and pre-meditate a strategy if and when something really gets in motion, that is when you will reap the most benefits.

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Probation Violation You’ll need The Law Office of Brian Corrigan

A probation violation occurs when you break the terms and conditions of your probation. It normally lasts 1 to 3 years but can be more depending on your original offense. The consequences of a probation violation depend a variety of factors, like the nature and seriousness of a violation, whether or not you have any prior violations, and any other circumstances that may lessen or worsen the severity of your situation. The laws governing a probation violation vary among states and are governed by federal and state law.

To begin with, there are 2 types of probation. If you are placed on Deferred Adjudication Community Supervision, also known as Deferred Probation, the court, at the original proceedings, made express findings of your guilt. Instead of entering a conviction, the court defers and places you under community supervision. The biggest advantage of deferred probation is that your conviction is not on your record. If it is violated, on the other hand, the court has the ability to use the full range of punishment allowed as applicable to your particular criminal offense. For example, you could not be sentenced to life in prison for a Class A misdemeanor. You are also entitled to have a bond set pending your resolution of your violation.

The other type of probation is called Judicial Community Supervision, also known as Straight Probation or Judicial Probation. If you are placed on this, you went to court and are found guilty of your crime and a sentence is enacted. However, the sentence is suspended and you are placed on Judicial Probation. If violated and your probation is revoked, the court is limited to the sentence imposed in your original hearing. The judge can lessen your sentence, but they cannot exceed it. Here, the judge also has sole discretion as to whether or not to issue a bond for your release pending the resolution of your violation.

Some examples of probation violations are not appearing at a scheduled court appearance, not reporting to your probation officer, not paying fines or restitution as ordered, visiting certain places or people or going out of state without your probation officer’s permission, possessing, using, or selling illegal drugs, and committing or getting arrested for another crime whether it was criminal or not. After you violate probation, there is a range of possible penalties. Your judge has broad discretion over what could happen. At the minimum, you could receive community service or be sent to rehab, “boot camps,” or other programs to correct your behavior. More serious punishments include large fines or restitutions, jail time, or your probation could be revoked and you serve the rest of your original sentence.

You have the right to receive written notice of your alleged violation, be heard by a neutral judge in court, present evidence and witnesses to support your case or refute evidence against you, and the right to have an attorney represent you. To help you through this you need to have an attorney on your side with years of experience. You’ll need The Law Office of Brian Corrigan. Call them at 214-762-6302 for help getting your life back.

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Back To Basics The LaFour Law Firm

la four law
Your marriage has fallen so far south, you feel like you are living on opposite poles. You have decided you are ready for divorce, but now what? Here are some of the basics that you’ll need to get started.

Texas is a no-fault divorce state, which means that you can file for divorce whether or not you or your spouse is at fault for the breakup of your marriage. The only reason that you need to give the court for wanting a divorce is that your marriage is “insupportable.” That is not to say that you can’t file for divorce if you or your spouse is at fault. You still can. If an at-fault divorce is filed, the court will assign blame to you or your spouse for any wrongdoing. Common examples of this are adultery, cruelty, and abandonment.

You need to look at your marriage and decide which to file. A no-fault may be easier to file, so you don’t have to worry about proving the wrongdoing to the court. On the other hand, the court can choose to take the wrongdoing into consideration in deciding the “just and right” way to divide your property.

Texas is also a community property state. This basically states that when you and your spouse were married, you became a community. All of the property from before the marriage and acquired during the marriage is now either separate property or community property.

Separate property is basically what you or your spouse owned before your marriage, is received by you or your spouse as a gift or inheritance during your marriage, or is personal injury awards to you or your spouse during your marriage. Simply put separate property is yours and only yours. Everything that is not separate property is then community property. Community property is split as equally as possible between you and your spouse. Keep in mind, while the court is looking for a “just and right” manner to spilt property, they can also consider whose fault it was for the break up, if 1 of you misused your money, any difference in your incomes, both of your ages and physical health, and who will have custody of the children, if there are any.

There is also spousal support, which is basically alimony and the Texas courts call it spousal maintenance. If you want to spousal maintenance or you feel like you should receive it, find out if you are eligible first. All cases start at $0, unless the one paying is accused of domestic violence. For the court to consider awarding spousal maintenance, you must show that you are unable to support yourself (basically meet your minimum reasonable needs) and one of three items. You must prove you are unable to support yourself due to a physical or mental disability, or your child requires substantial supervision or care, or show that you were married for more than 10 years. The court determines how much and for how long spousal maintenance will last, but they do place maximums of $5,000 per month and 10 years on it, barring special circumstances. The court may look into many aspects of your life including how long you were married and your education and employment skills.

Keep in mind that divorces are complicated and exhausting. There are so many details to go into that you are going to need a very strong attorney on your side. You need The LaFour Law Firm where they have experience and will walk you through your case. Call them at 713-223-7700 to schedule an appointment.

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How to Do Carpet Stretching Yourself

empire cleaning

Stretching new room carpet during installation really secures your carpet to the floor, and removes lumps and waves and will also reduce the chances of damage to the carpet. A carpet that is properly stretched will not bunch or scoot when you try to move furniture and other heavy objects on the floor. If you don’t have your carpet stretched, there is a high chance that you will have to deal with rips and tears in your flooring. Here is a guide that can help you Stretch your carpet, allowing it to live a longer life.

Firstly, adjust a knee kicker, a tool for stretching the carpet, on a scrap piece of carpet. The teeth of it should grab the carpet backing, but not puncture it. Turn the adjustment knob clockwise to lower the teeth to adjust this setting properly.

Place the head of the kicker about an inch away from the first wall you are planning to stretch the carpet against. Use your hand to hold the carpet against the tack strips along the floor to keep it from lifting too much. As you move around the room, secure the carpet to the tack strips.

Next, wrap two or three foot piece scrap two by fours into the carpet padding. Use some type of tape, preferably duct tape to secure it around the board. Take this wrapped board against the wall and put it across the next part of the wall you are going to stretch.

Adjust a power stretcher’s tooth bite on a piece of scrap carpet. The teeth on the power stretcher’s head should bite into the backing of the carpet, but not penetrate the backing. Turn the knob on the head of the stretcher in a clockwise motion to lower, and do the opposite to raise the teeth.

Push down the handle to stretch the carpet against the wall. Use the side of a hammer or some hard surface to push the carpet onto the strips along the floor edge.

Run a carpet knife or carpet trimmer along the wall to trim the excess carpet from the floor. Next, position a stair tool between the wall and the edge of the carpet. Strike the handle of the tool with a hammer and tuck the edge beneath the base of the board and do the same around the perimeter of the room.

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, call Omaha Carpet Cleaning today at 402-917-3049.

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General Business Liability Insurance

Have you ever wondered what the most basic type of insurance you can get for your business or where to start when looking at insurance? The answer to your question is General Business Liability Insurance. It is also called General Liability Insurance or Commercial General Business Liability. This type of insurance protects your company’s assets and pays for obligations incurred if someone gets hurt on your property or when there are property damages or injuries caused by you or your employees. It will help protect your and your finances in case of an injury or lawsuit.

General Liability covers the cost of your legal defense and any settlement or award should you be successfully sued. This includes compensatory damages, nonmonetary losses suffered by the injured party, and punitive damages. General Liability can protect you from liability as a tenant if you cause damage to a property that you rent, like by a fire or other covered loss. It can also cover claims of false or misleading advertising, including libel, slander, and copyright infringement.

Commercial General Business Liability can be bought on its own or as a part of Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). BOP bundles liability and property insurance into 1. If you have a BOP, check and see what your liability coverage is. You might have a lower coverage than you thought and may need to purchase additional coverage. If your company is at the higher end of the risk scale and already have general liability, you can get umbrella insurance, also known as excess insurance, which increases coverage limits. Outlined in your policy is the maximum amount that your insurance company will pay against a claim. For example, if you get sued for $250,000 in medical expenses for an injury that occurs onsite plus $150,000 in legal fees, but your coverage maxes out at $300,000, then you are responsible for the remaining $100,000.

Annual premiums for General Liability range from $750 - $2,000 depending on your line of business and coverage needs. For example, a contractor will need more coverage than a consultant. Do your industry research before you invest in any policy. Some client contracts require that your business has the appropriate coverage or umbrella insurance to perform work on their behalf. You also want to make sure you aren’t purchasing additional coverage that you don’t need or already have.

The world of insurance is vast and can become very confusing very quickly. Don’t worry about trying to figure out what you need and what you don’t by yourself. Call David Ison& Sons Insurance in Austin at 210-490-1494, and they will work with you to make sure you get the right coverage without cleaning out your wallet.

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The Walking Dead Season 5 

the walking dead seasons 5
In the world that has found disaster, a man tries to protect a group of lost people by banding together and using knowledge that he has accumulated as a member of the law. Stuck in the world created by Robert Kirkman, this post-apocalyptic scene sends shivers down each and every one of its viewers soul. AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 5 meets the group in trouble from a bunch of cannabilistic militants who seek there next meal. This season of the television show drama series is supposed to push normal social broadcasts to the edge and push its viewers even further psychologically. Hold onto your faces ladies and gents and join us for the next installment of the walking dead.